Airlines Credit Card
What Are the Advantages and How Do You Get One?

    Airline Credit Cards are great because they enable consumers to accumulate points from their day-to-day purchases and fly for free.

    Today, airline mileage credit cards are more lucrative and abundant than they were a couple of years back, especially for individuals with excellent credit scores. When it comes to rewarding you with points for airline miles, credit cards tend to vary in their benefits.

    There are various advantages that accrue from owning an airline credit card.

    • Travel bonus points are the most significant perks associated with airline cards. For instance, the Gold Delta Sky Miles Credit Card from American Express offers 30,000 bonus miles when you spend $500 within the first 3 months. Also, enjoy no introductory annual fee for the first year.

      Other perks include Priority Boarding while traveling and you can check your first bag for free.
    • The Capital One Rewards Venuture Card rewards you with 1.25 milers for every dollar on every purchase. There is no annual fee for this card. A 10,000 miles bonus is given when you spend $1,000 dollars in the first 3 months. Also enjoy no foreign transaction fees and a 0% APR on purhcases from now until Dec. 2013.
    • The US Airways Premier World MasterCard offers 40,000 bonus points on qualifying purchases. You can also enjoy 2 miles per every $1 spent on US Airway purchases. (Apply for this great card here.)

    To get your hands on Airline Credit Cards all you need to do is apply for your frequent flyer card here.

    The company will issue you the card at their discretion, while taking into account factors such as your creditworthiness. Once your application is approved, the card will be mailed to you ready for use.

    Credit Cards for airlines are not ideal for consumers who are unable to pay off their bills in full every month. This is because most of these cards charge a high interest rate and annual fee.

    However, if you intend to use your airlines card frequently and responsibly, and will be able to rack up points for free flights, merchandise, gift cards or cash, it may be a good idea to sign up for an airlines credit card.

    An airline credit card has many advantages that can save you money on travel when used wisely. If you travel often, have good credit and pay off your credit card balance each month, an airlines credit card is a good choice for you.

    Don’t let all those advantages pass you by. Apply today.

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