Credit Card Fraud Prevention Checklist
Helpful Tips to Prevent Credit Card Fraud From Happening to You

    credit card fraud prevention checklistOwning a credit card is a great privilege. That is why credit card fraud prevention is an important thing for any cardholder to keep in mind. Ignorance or carelessness can lead you into more than simple financial trouble. It can also damage your credit record.

    While there are remedies for these damages, no one wants to be burdened with explaining why they are not responsible for outrageous charges. Fortunately, there are some steps that you can take or prevent this from ever becoming an issue in your life.

    Nor is it necessary to spend a great deal of money on many credit cards' offers of identity protection. These steps are all common-sense measures that will not cost you anything.

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    How to Prevent Credit Card Fraud
      • Begin by guarding your information online. Like many others, you probably do a lot of your shopping and banking online. This means that your usernames and passwords are floating around the Internet. This makes it easy for someone to steal this information.

      One way to avoid permitting this opportunity is to remember to clear logins and passwords. Do not just leave them on the screen as you click away and do not let the website remember your names and passwords.

      Regarding these names, remember to change them monthly. It is harder for someone to target you when your logins and passwords are changing regularly.

      • When you make purchases online, use your credit cards. These cards have stronger guarantees with regard to fraud than debit cards.

      • Do not count on being protected. Stay alert and watch out for scams, such as phishing. This gimmick uses spam and pop-up windows to mimic the appearance of actual businesses in the real world.

      They entice you to offer personal information which they then use to gain access to accounts that you hold with other businesses and websites. Whenever you are about to enter personal data, check the screen for some sign that the website has security controls.

      • Keep an eye on the statements from your bank and your credit card. Many people make the mistake of tossing these aside because they are keeping track independently in the Internet. These statements may contain details that show that someone is using your account without your knowledge.

      • Identity thieves will sometimes gather a little information about you and use it to change your address at the post office. Then the delinquent credit notices will not arrive at your home or PO Box. This gives them a head start because you will not know you are in trouble until they have taken you for every last cent.

      • Take advantage of your free credit report. Each of the three major agencies offers such a report once per year. Instead of getting all three at once, spread them out by getting one every four months from a distinct agency.

    This will be sufficient protection from credit card fraud for most people. If you do an inordinate amount of your shopping and financial transactions online, it may be worth it to get identity theft protection.

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