How to Reduce Credit Card Debt
Follow These Easy Tips to Lower Your Debt

    reduce credit card debt Many people nowadays are wanting to reduce credit card debt. Although credit cards can be quite a good thing, if used improperly and without discipline, they can cause a lot of heartache.

    It will take some time and patience depending on how big your debt is, but the one thing you must remember, is that if you keep at it and stay focused, you can easily get a reign on your credit card debt.

    Take a look at some of these simple tips to help get you started:

    Pay off the highest card first
    The first step to reduce credit card debt is to make a list of all those credit cards which you owe on. Write the credit cards you owe the least amount on, at the top of the list and write the credit cards which have the most amount you owe at the bottom.

    Each month, take any extra money you might have, whether it is only $10 or $200, and apply it to the credit card with the highest amount of debt (at the bottom of your list). Do this each month until your highest card is finally paid off.

    Then, work on the next one that has the highest amount. Take all the extra money you have ( now you can include that minimum payment you used to owe on your first card) and apply it towards the next one.

    You’ll be able to create a snowball effect by paying off one card at a time. If you stay disciplined, this plan works great because not only are you gradually paying off your debt, but by paying off the highest card first, you are getting rid of that high interest rate as well.

    Use debit cards
    Start using prepaid debit cards instead of credit cards. One of the main benefits of using a debit card is that the payment comes straight out of your bank account which means your debt won’t pile up and catch you by surprise.

    Keep track of your budget
    In order to keep your budget in order, keep a proper record of your monthly expenses. Once you are aware of your spending, it will be easier for you to keep an eye on your debt. You can plan for those expenses with the money you currently have on hand rather than creating more debt by charging your credit card to expenses you are not expecting or are under the radar.

    If you can’t afford it, don’t buy it!
    This one seems really self explanatory but in our ‘I need it now’ society, many people have a problem with it today. If you really want to reduce credit card debt, you must become disciplined and control how much money you spend.

    If you keep on using your credit card, you will continue piling more and more debt which grows exponentially with interest rates. Simply stated, if you don’t have the cash on hand, then just don’t buy it! Enough said.

    If you really want to reduce your credit card debt, realize that is IS possible. It may be a long journey depending on the size of your debt, but if you stay disciplined and focused with clear goals in mind, anyone can do it.

    And just keep in mind that the feeling of being debt free, is well worth the journey.

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