A Reloadable Prepaid Debit Card
How Does It Work?

    reloadable prepaid debit card Most prepaid debit cards these days come in the category of a reloadable prepaid debit card, which means that money can be added to the card more than once.

    It is because of this feature that there are so many similarities to the traditional bank cards where the card holder gets the benefits of a banking system such as online shopping, purchasing, and account management.

    You must have a positive balance on the account in order to use your prepaid debit card. The variety among these cards is based on the number of ways in which the customer is able to load money, more options means the more attractive it is to the new customer.

    This is one of the main reasons why card issuers want to increase as many choices as possible. Even though every card carries its own set of opportunities, it is possible to set the main methods.

    "To Put Cash" – Easiest Way to Top Up
    The most popular and easiest way to top up the card is “to put cash”. Every issuer has its own Reload Network that is presented by agents, shopping centers, convenient stores, pharmacies, and others.

    Specialized Money Transfer Systems
    Sometimes a specialized money transfer system, like Western Union and MoneyGram, are also included by the card issuer, and in some cases the old way of money transfer like via the Post office is also acceptable.

    Number of Cash Points Available
    Even though MoneyGram issues their own cards, they never withhold contracts with Visa and Mastercard, which is why many prepaid card companies use this option. Their low fee and easy to use possibilities with a number of cash points from Moneygram Express Payment, Visa ReadyLink, PreCash, or PayXone make them a very attractive option.

    Linked to Direct Deposit
    The biggest benefit you get from a reloadable prepaid debit card is that it is linked to the Direct Deposit. Either it is an advantage for the government or the money is transferred by the employee, it can be automatically reloaded to the reloadable prepaid debit card when carried out. Generally, its organization is easy since all the card holder needs to do is fill out the deposit form that is available on the website and submit it to the social organization or the employee.

    Possibility of Wire Transfer
    Another popular way of transfer is the wire transfer from the existing bank. Like many banks these days, some prepaid card companies allow online and phone banking facilities.

    Card-to-card transfer
    Another way of reloading a reloadable prepaid debit card includes the card-to-card transfer, which is more specific. It is offered for a few family cards, usually for teenagers’ spending but this is not a common feature for prepaid cards.

    Reload with PayPal
    With the increase in popularity of prepaid systems, the payment systems are joining in as well. It wasn’t so long ago when PayPal offered the possibility to reload cards using the internet. You just needed to create a PayPal account or use one already created.

    Another option available is Money order by US Mail. Paper checks can also be used sometimes to load the card. The purpose for all these reloading methods is to make the prepaid card user as comfortable as with a debit or credit bank card.

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