Yearly Credit Report
How to Get it For FREE

    Equifax Credit Watch GoldDo you ever wonder what your yearly credit report says about you? Have you ever tried to get a loan and been denied without knowing why?

    It’s possible that there is something on your credit report that is keeping you from getting that loan to purchase a car or house or anything else that you might need.

    The best way to keep track of this and make sure there are no surprises in your credit is by getting a copy of your credit report yearly.

    When you search online, you may find a lot of websites that offer to give you your credit score—for a price. The fact is that a yearly credit report is free to you by law.Everyone has the right to know what their credit score is and why.

    There are three main reporting companies that gather and condense all your information.These are: Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. You can get a report from each of these companies for free, despite what other companies try to tell you.

    Getting your free credit report is easy:

      Online -You can visit each of the above company’s websites online, complete a secure form which identifies that you are who you say you are and submit it. The process is simple and quick.

      Phone- If you’d prefer speaking to an actual human, then you can call their 800 numbers. This information is readily available on each agency site.

      Mail-You can even request a report through the mail if you prefer doing things the old fashioned way. This process is much slower and a little more inconvenient than the above.

    Whatever option you choose, you can get all three of these reports at once or just one at a time and all with no money out of your pocket.

    Why should you order your credit report?

    Even if you don’t need credit now, there may be a time in the future when you will. Unforeseen medical bills, mechanic bills, loss of a job etc. are just a few of life’s little surprises.You should always be in a position to get credit if you need credit.

      Check for Errors By ordering a credit report yearly, you’ll be able to know exactly where you stand. If there are any errors on your credit history, you can resolve them now.

      Maybe you have a debt that you have forgotten about and have never paid off. Any late payments will create a negative impact on your credit score. Get these resolved right away.

      Protect Yourself from Identity Theft Checking your yearly credit report is also important because of identity theft. Nowadays, identity theft is growing at an enormous rate. Anytime we use our account information, there is a chance it could be stolen.

      Checking your report annually can help you make sure that nothing is there that shouldn’t be. It is a good way to protect yourself from identity theft.

    Checking on your credit report annually is important to ensure that your credit is accurately representing you. It lets you know what others see and gives the ability to fix any mistakes. And remember, you are entitled by law to get this report every year for free

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