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Bad Credit Credit Cards
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Bad credit credit cards are a great option if you’re looking to rebuild or establish your credit. Take a look at our top rated credit card offers for bad credit on the market below to find the best option for you. We offer the top bad credit cards with prepaid credit card options and the best secured credit cards on the market. Browse here to find the best credit card for bad credit. (….continued below.)

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Secured Cards for Bad or Less Than Perfect Credit

    With a secured card, you can deposit money onto the card and then use it just like an unsecured card. If your payments are made on time, you can collect your deposit any time you want.

    This is a great way to rebuild your credit because your repayment history is reported to all 3 credit agencies on a monthly basis. Just make your payments on time and you’ll be well on your way to a shining credit score.

    If you currently have a bad credit score, no worries! There is no credit check and no credit history is needed for approval of this card. Most of the time, you are instantly approved within seconds.

    A secured card can be used the same way as any other credit card so you can use it for travel, purchases online, groceries, gas, etc. The convenience is a huge plus.

    Prepaid Cards for Bad Credit

    A prepaid debit card is also great for bad credit. A prepaid debit card is a little different from a secured card in that you may add money to it whenever you want; however, your repayment history is not reported to the credit agencies as it is for a secured card.

    A prepaid card is a great option to use for traveling (read Using a Visa Prepaid Card for Traveling). Instead of carrying cash, which can be stolen easily, just take along a prepaid debit card with your allotted budget already set. If your card is stolen, just call the bank to report it and it is treated just like a stolen credit card.

    If you need to stick within a certain budget, a prepaid debit card is the perfect choice for you. You’ll have the advantages of carrying a card to buy anything from online purchases to gasoline, yet, you’ll be in control as you won’t be able to exceed your amount that you’ve set on the card.

    If you have a student in high school or college, a prepaid debit card is a good choice. (Choose one of our best rated Prepaid Student Cards here.) Give them the responsibility of using this card to begin handling finances in responsible way.

    See our great selection of credit cards for poor credit above. Each of our cards is the top rated card in its class.