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Instant Prepaid Visa Card

by Alex Garrity on 2014/09/16

instant prepaid Visa cardCan People with Bad Credit Get an  Instant Prepaid Visa Card?

People with poor credit can certainly get an Instant Prepaid Visa Card because these cards are guaranteed-approval cards that do not require credit checks.

So it won’t matter if you have excellent or poor credit .

The reason for this is that with prepaid cards, you will be depositing the amount that you will spend and it will not be classified as debt. [click to continue…]


How do I Get a Credit Card with Bad Credit?

by Samantha Bennet on 2014/09/09

How do I Get a Credit Card with Bad Credit

How do I get a credit card with bad credit?”  You’ll find more and more people wondering about this to themselves, especially those who have recently filed for bankruptcy or are at present having trouble with their finances.

First thing that you need to ask yourself is [click to continue…]


Credit Cards with Bad Credit or No Credit

by Isabella Craig on 2014/09/02

How to Responsibly Use Credit Cards with Bad Credit or No Credit

Credit cards with bad credit or no credit are prone to abuse, especially if you have no specific credit card debt repayment plan.

People who acquire this type of credit card usually have existing card balances that they need to pay off immediately to save up a little on interest payments. [click to continue…]


Can You Pay a Mortgage with a Credit Card?

by Samantha Bennet on 2014/08/26

Can you pay a mortgage with a credit card?

Can you pay a mortgage with a credit card?  You can certainly do so, if your mortgage lender allows credit or debit card auto payments.

While most lenders will not encourage you to use credit cards for mortgage loan payments, there are those that are lenient and accept this mode of payment mainly because of automation and flexibility and to provide more ways for clients to conveniently pay off their mortgages. [click to continue…]


0 Interest Credit Card Deals

by Alex Garrity on 2014/08/19

0 interest credit card dealsWhy 0 Interest Credit Card Deals will Save You Money 

One of the ways 0 interest credit card deals can save you money is if you take advantage of balance transfer to settle your existing debt from your other credit cards.

Many think that transferring balances can hurt your credit score but in reality, it can actually help you more than it can negatively affect your credit score.  [click to continue…]


Credit Card With Bad Credit

by Samantha Bennet on 2014/08/12

How To Get A Credit Card With Bad Credit History

We all know that getting approved for a credit card itself is a difficult procedure, let alone getting approved for a credit card with bad credit.

However, a credit with bad credit is designed exclusively for customers that have a bad credit score and can’t get approved for a credit card due to a bad credit history.

[click to continue…]


Secured Business Credit Card

August 5, 2014

Why Is A Secured Business Credit Card Your Best Choice After A Bad Credit Score? When you are hit hard with a bad credit report, keep in mind that a secured business credit card is the right product for you to save yourself from trouble. Now the instinctive question from you will be “why can’t […]

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Are Secured Cards Prepaid Cards?

July 29, 2014

Are Secured Cards Prepaid Cards? Are Secured Cards Prepaid Cards?  If you come across a great deal on a  secured credit card, but are concerned about the fees charged on a prepaid credit card, do not worry because these two are not the same. Many people mistake one of these cards for the other but […]

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How to Report Stolen Credit Cards

July 22, 2014

How to Report  Stolen Credit Cards Knowing how to report  stolen credit cards can help you prevent others from being able to use your extended credit without your consent. If your card gets stolen, it can really lead to disastrous experiences and you wouldn’t want to pay for something that you did not buy and […]

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Credit Cards After Bankruptcy

July 15, 2014

Can Credit Cards After Bankruptcy Help To Rebuild Your Credit? Using credit cards after bankruptcy can help you to rebuild your credit. Yes, this is a fact. However, getting approved for credit cards after bankruptcy is not a cakewalk. In most cases, your requests will be turned down the bank, leaving you in dismay and […]

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