5 Reasons to Get a Credit Card

by Samantha Bennet on 2013/08/03

5 reasons to get a credit card

Credit cards have received more than their fair share of bad press. Perhaps that is why most people are not too keen on signing up for them anymore. If you are among the many who have an innate fear of plastic money and credit, maybe it’s time to put those fears to rest.

When I first decided to get a credit card, I was discouraged by almost everyone I spoke to. They told me horror stories of what would happen to my credit rating and all the terrible things that cards make you do. I disagree. There is a brain behind the card, and that, of course, is yours. If you decide to use your brain correctly, there is nothing that you cannot really do.

Here are some simple reasons you should get a credit card.

1.Protection from Fraud: Though this may not be at the top of your agenda, fraud protection is an important thing to consider. When you use your debit cards or ATM cards, you are making yourself susceptible to fraud.

However, most credit card companies offer you fraud protection and so you are completely protected from any kind of fraudulent activity on your card. If your account is being used illegally, or there is unusual activity on your account, you will be notified immediately and a new card will be issued to you.

2.Unforeseen Emergencies: Your credit card is an excellent protection against unforeseen emergencies. Having a secure line of credit never hurt anyone. Just because you have a credit card does not mean you should use it. However, you can always use it when you are out of cash, but have an emergency that requires immediate attention.

3.Convenience: There is no denying the fact that credit cards are extremely convenient. They are more convenient than carrying a stiff wad of cash with you everywhere you go. Simply put, you no longer have to carry money with you or go to the ATM anytime you need some quick cash.

Additionally, you do not have to worry about theft of your cash. Your credit card id protected from misuse. If you notice that it is missing, you can have it cancelled immediately.

4.Make Online Purchases and Bookings: When you have a credit card, whether it’s a secured, unsecured or prepaid, purchasing clothes or booking a flight ticket becomes extremely easy. You have to give your credit card details over the internet and your purchases are made instantly. You no longer have to go browsing from one store to another or standing in long queues for tickets and other bookings.

5.Boost Your Credit Rating: Contrary to what most people believe, credit cards can actually boost your credit rating. However, you must keep up on your payments and never miss any. You will never have to face penalties and fines or interests on overdue payments if you show some financial discipline. Keeping up with payments can really help you improve your credit score. So if your ratings have been flagging, a healthy credit card payment record can boost it.

What do you think a good reason to apply for a credit card would be?

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