Are you prepared if you lose your job? Five things you should have ready.

by Samantha Bennet on 2013/07/06

5 Things to Have Ready If You Lose Your Job 5 Things to Have Ready If You Lose Your JobThe recent economic downturn has made one thing very clear – no one’s job is safe. When the times are bad and even the giant corporations are down on their knees, you should be able to keep yourself prepared. What if you lose your job tomorrow? Are you really ready for what the future holds?

Here I have compiled a list of five things which will ensure you sail smoothly even if the going is getting tough.

If you are about to lose your job, or your company has announced plans to downsize, start prepping up your resume. You may be an ace worker, but sometimes it is possible for even the best to fall under the axe.

Insulate yourself from the tough times and have your resume ready. This will only help you shorten the time required to find a new job and move on. Update your experience and talk to the people who can vouch for you. Have your references list ready.

Contacts/ LinkedIn Profile/ Recommendations
In tough times, the contacts you have built over the years will be able to help you. Start off with getting in touch with those contacts. They can help find job openings suitable for you. You can start off with asking old acquaintances to give you references and recommendations. You can also work on your profile on career social sites such as LinkedIn.

A recommendation on LinkedIn can also be highly beneficial for your career. So ask your colleagues or those who worked with you once, to give you recommendations so that your chances of getting a good job get a boost.

6+ Months of emergency funds
You never know how much time it will take you to get a suitable job, or just any job. It is best to plan ahead and have some savings that could last you anywhere from six months to a year. If you cannot get a job, you can at least dip into this emergency fund and manage your living expenses and pay your bills. This would, however, require some long term planning on your part.(Read why an emergency is important here.)

Ways to make money online.
There are several ways of making money online. Perhaps it is time for you to explore them. Do you have any marketable skills that you can use for online work? A lot of people prefer freelancing as administrative assistants, virtual assistants, designers and writers online.

Perhaps you could look at some of these options too. There are also affiliate and marketing programs which require a little work, but can help you make a lot of money. If you have a knack for marketing, you could explore affiliate marketing too.

Certifications/Specially licenses
If you have any certifications and licenses to affirm your expertise in the particular field you wish to join, it would be wise to collect all of them and have them ready. They may help boost your chances of getting selected for the job of your choice. So always have them ready to show anyone who needs convincing about your skills at your job.

So tell us, what have you done to prepare for the worst?

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