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Bad Credit Credit Card Approvals

by Samantha Bennet on 2014/10/14

Why Are Bad Credit Credit Card Approvals Instant? 

If you are looking for a credit card quickly, you are probably looking for instant bad credit credit card approvals.

Almost every bank or credit card agency that is contacted for a credit card for bad credit runs a credit check on the person’s profile and then instantly decides whether they can approve a credit card or not.

Almost every bank or credit card agency makes this response as fast as possible, so that the customer can look for other options for immediately getting their credit cards approved.

Prepaid card and secured credit cards can get 100% approval

If you have bad credit history, you can get 100% approval for secured credit cards and prepaid cards.

This is a win-win situation for both the bank as well as the customer with bad credit. But the good news here is that almost anyone (even those with bad credit) will be approved instantly for prepaid credit cards and secure cards, because banks do not go through the risk of lending credit to a customer.

With initial upfront cash, anyone can get approved for secured credit cards and enjoy all the benefits of a normal credit card.

If you have applied for a credit card online, the credit card agency might call you back stating that you have been ‘pre-selected’ for credit card approval. This is an instant response that comes back once they have checked your credit score, but is definitely not considered as the final approval.

Furthermore, the reason why most credit card companies want to immediately give you an answer for your credit card application process, especially if you have a poor credit score is – you would be most probably ready for a high interest rate.

This is one of the ways how banks and credit card companies can make a profit from your situation and grant you an immediate credit card access with high interest rate.

Certain banks might immediately approve you for a secure credit card because you have to pay upfront cash as a deposit which does not put the bank or the credit card agency at risk.

A secure credit card is the safest option for the bank to approve your credit card application instantly and make you their customer without any problem at all.


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