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Guest Bloggers

If you are knowledgeable in the credit card and financial industry, we’d love for you to be a Guest Blogger on our site. All blogs submitted must be relevant and informative and relate to the credit card and financial industry. Blog posts must add authority and value to our site in order to be approved.

If your blog is approved for our site, we will gladly provide 2 backlinks to your site- one in the content and one in the byline. We just ask that we can also submit  a blog post on your site with a backlink to in a similar method.

Below are our guidelines.


Your post MUST be around the topics of:
•credit cards
•personal debt
•traveling with credit cards
•credit card rewards
•basically, anything relevant to the credit card industry


•Obviously, if your post is really just an advertisement for your own blog or product, it will be rejected
•You are welcome to include 2 links back to your site – one in the content and one in the byline
•You are welcome to include links to other sites provided they provide value to the article
•Your post must include one relevant link to one of our previous blog posts on
•We reserve the right to add relevant links or take out irrelevant links that do not add value
•Your post must be 100% original content, not published anywhere else
•You must not publish the content elsewhere on the Internet in the future
•No affiliate or spam links allowed please
•Images are welcome if they are relevant to the content
•If an image is submitted, please include the proper credits- no stolen images please

Formatting Preferences:

•Please use subheadings in the post body with H2 or H3 tags
•HTML formatting is preferred but not neccessary
•Please use short paragraphs or bullet points if possible(to make the post easier to read)

We reserve the right to edit for grammatical errors and facts. Rarely, if ever, will we make any changes except if it is necessary. If changes are made, you will receive the complete text of the post before it is published on

How to Submit:
If you would like to post to our blog, please contact us at Once your blog post is approved, we will communicate with you as to when it will be published. Keep in mind that all submitted and approved blogs become the property of with credits to the author and may not be duplicated or published elsewhere. All content must be 100% original.

We look forward to hearing from you!
Samantha Bennet – Editor

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