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How Much Is a Visa Prepaid Credit Card?

by Isabella Craig on 2013/11/30

how much is a visa prepaid credit card

How much is a Visa Prepaid Credit Card?

There are various types of Visa prepaid cards to choose from but do you really have an idea how much is a Visa prepaid credit card?

The amount that you need to shell out for a prepaid credit card usually depends on its features.

Most prepaid cards charge an activation fee but there are prepaid Visa cards that do not. If you are interested in getting one, you will surely find one that offers an excellent deal.

Best Visa Prepaid Cards

You should always consider how much is a Visa prepaid credit card upon application, so you’ll know if getting one would be worth it or not.

Aside from the money that you will deposit or load on your prepaid credit card, some of the possible expenses for getting a Visa prepaid credit card are annual fees, top-up or reloading fees, purchase charges, balance inquiry fees, among others. However, due to competition, card issuers offer increasingly attractive prepaid credit cards to attract more customers.

You will find out that most Visa prepaid credit cards charge at least $5 activation fee but there are also those that offer Visa stored value credit cards for free or half the price.

Furthermore, some may not charge an annual fee during the first year. It may also be possible to negotiate for free monthly fees if you maintained a good credit standing during your first year.

Beware about your chosen Visa card’s reloading fee, however, as it has become mostly an issue among card holders. Reloading some Visa cards may cost you an additional $4.95 each time, whereas some offer reloading service for free.

If you are keen about keeping your Visa prepaid credit card costs in check, always study your choices and do not apply for one that will cost your each time you use the service. Also, always remember that you can always request to get your fees waived.

So how much is a Visa prepaid credit card? It depends on the kind and features of the Visa card that you applied to, your negotiating power, credit score, and timing of use, among others.

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