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How To Top Up Prepaid Credit Cards

by Samantha Bennet on 2014/09/23

How To Top Up Prepaid Credit Cards?

If you are wondering how to top up prepaid credit cards, this article will explain how to do it. There are many ways to recharge a prepaid credit card and most of these methods are extremely easy.

Prepaid card companies are building affiliations with various payment resources to make the process of payments a lot easier.

#1: Payment through Your Bank

If you have a bank account, you can use internet banking and phone banking facility of your bank to top up your prepaid credit cards. If your bank don’t support prepaid card top ups of cards from your card issuer, you could look at the following alternatives.

#2: Top up prepaid credit cards from WalMart

Many prepaid credit card companies tie-up with popular retail outlets where you can top up your prepaid credit cards. If you live in the US, WalMart is a great option. For UK customers this facility is offered through Cashplus stores. UK customers also have direct bank transfer facilities from various bank accounts on preset dates.

#3: Get Your Salary Credited to Your Prepaid Card

Most prepaid credit cards are issued by accredited companies. These cards act like a regular credit card so it is very easy for a customer to give his/her card information to the employer and ask the employer to credit the money directly to the card. Technically, each prepaid credit card is associated with a prepaid credit card account and the money is credit to this but the balance will reflect on the account within 24 hours for most cards.

#4: Visa ReadyLink In USA

Visa ReadyLink is a prepaid card top up program launched by VISA in the USA. You can find the ReadyLink logo at various places such as coffee shops, departmental stores, offices and other public places. These places allow you to top up your prepaid credit card whenever you need to add more cash to your account.

These are the best 4 ways to top up your prepaid credit card.

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