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Gas Credit Cards
Credit Cards Offering Rebates on Gas Purchases
In today’s economy, with the ever rising prices of gasoline, many consumers are turning to Gas Credit Cards to help alleviate the pressure. With a credit card offering discounts on gasoline, you can save money at the pump every time you swipe your card. (Continue reading below…)

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      However, while Shell, Exxon, Chevron and many other gas stations offer branded gasoline credit cards, most people are finding that t he rebates and discounts are difficult to come by and the discounts not necessarily outweigh the cost of having the card. Solution? Choose a Visa or MasterCard that not only offers discounts on gas, but also discounts on many other everyday purchases.

      Many gas credit cards offer rewards and rebates; however, these come at a price. The rebates are often difficult to acquire and can take months to receive. You must also keep clear records of your gas purchases and receipts in order to take advantage of these rebates. When they are actually mailed to you, they often come in an envelope resembling junk mail which can be mistakenly discarded. A clever tactic used by the gasoline credit card company.

      In addition, the interest rates on such cards can be ridiculously high –sometimes even 25%!

      A good solution to saving money on your gasoline purchases, is to obtain a credit card that offers discounts and cash back reward for gasoline. You can save money on gas without all the hassles of using a branded gas station credit card. Earn generous cash back rewards on all your gasoline purchases without having to keep track of your receipts or mail in a rebate.

      You can also earn cash back on everyday purchases just with the swipe of your credit card. Most of our Gas Credit Cards above, offer a low APR and even 0% on balance transfers for a limited time.

      With the cost of gas rising on a regular basis, it’s smart to get a Visa or MasterCard Gas Credit Card to give you those discounts you deserve. Apply today - just click on the 'apply' button above where you can fill out our secured online application. It's simple and fast!

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