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Prepaid Credit Cards have fast and easy 100% approval. Even if you have bad credit or no credit, you can apply for prepaid cards easily here online. If you are looking for the best debit cards and prepaid debit cards, we have the top prepaid Visa and Mastercard options here. Many of these cards offer direct deposit options and are an easily reloadable debit card online. Just hit the 'Apply Here' button where you will be taken to our 100% secure online application. Get approved within minutes for a variety of cards prepaid! It's that easy!

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    Many financial institutions and websites offer prepaid debit cards in conjunction with major electronic financial institutions such as Visa, Discover, and Master Card AMEX. Upon crediting such a card with money, you are then able to use it to pay for goods or services either offline or online just as you could use a regular credit card.

    Unlike an ordinary debit card, prepaid debit cards do not link to your bank account. Therefore, you just have to load money onto the card in order to use it even if you have money in the bank.

    Reloadable debit cards essentially eliminate the need to carry loads of cash as well as prevent you from spending money that you don't have at a particular moment.

    There are many advantages to using this type of card:

      No Credit Checks
      A reloadable debit card does not entitle users to credit facilities. As such, card issuers do not normally subject applicants to credit checks.

      Debt Free Lifestyle
      A prepaid card is a great way of avoiding debt because users can only spend the money on their cards even though one can load such a card unlimited times.

      Prepaid cards are a safer alternative to carrying hard cash. Users must enter a secret PIN code for ATM withdrawals and identification documents for direct transactions from stores.

      Lesser Fees
      Prepaid credit cards have lesser transaction fees in comparison to typical credit cards. For instance, most reloadable debit cards do not subject holders to late-payment fees, overdraft fees, interest rates, or billing fees associated with most credit cards.

      A prepaid debit card is a great way to manage your finances because it would allow you to enjoy the privileges of credit cards such online shopping, quick cash withdrawals, and spending abroad without the fear of getting into debt.

      Some of the people who are more likely to find reloadable debit cards useful include first time salary earners who wish to maintain a clean debt history, and individuals with negative credit history who wish to carry out card transactions.

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