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Secured Credit Cards
Rebuild Bad Credit or Establish New Credit
Looking for the best Secured Credit Cards? If so, you’ve come to the right place. CreditCardShoppe offers only the best and top rated credit cards on the market today. If you are suffering from bad credit or have no credit history at all, then a secure credit card is the best option for you. A secured card will allow you to rebuild your credit but offers many other benefits as well. (Continue reading below...)

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What are the advantages of Secured Credit Cards?

    Rebuild Your Credit
    The biggest reason for getting a secure credit card is that it will definitely help you rebuild or establish your credit. Because your payment history is tracked and reported to the 3 credit agencies every month, you will be able to rebuild your credit history fast.

    If you have no credit history, then making timely payments on a secured card will also help you establish one.

    Debt Free
    With a secured credit card, you have no danger of going into debt. Your card is secured by a deposit amount that you put in upfront. The balance on your card is never able to exceed this amount. The purchases on your card are not taken from your deposit, but must be made from your banking account.

    You are able to collect your deposit anytime you want as long as timely payments are made. Because your card is secured by a deposit, you are protected from going into debt.

    Accepted Anywhere and Everywhere
    Secured Credit Cards are accepted anywhere and everywhere around the world just like unsecured credit cards. You’ll be able to enjoy the freedom and convenience of using your card for things like gas, groceries, travel and online purchases.

Apply for one of our top rated Secured Cards above today. Even if you have bad credit or no credit, you’ll be accepted instantly.

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